Greetings Winged Car Enthusiasts!

Daytonas and Superbirds are legends. They are a piece of unique history. Winged cars have an image associated with them. The image is that of a warrior, a winner, and a dominator! They demonstrate the can do, lets do, all out effort attitude which lead to them winning at the track. That is exactly what they did. They dominated the NASCAR oval track in 1970 to the extent that it was a washout season. Only nosed and winged vehicles were in front -- the Daytonas and the Superbirds!

We specialize in Daytona and Superbird reproduction body parts. Our top line products are show quality and better than originals in strength, fit, finish, and cost. They are made of the finest materials using the best methods of production to give you the most quality for your dollar. Our primary objective of manufacturing is to consistently build and deliver a quality part that is almost identical to the original in appearance (minimal variations) yet is still very reasonably priced. The materials and methods we choose to build a given part are determined on how we can best achieve our above stated objective.  Our parts are made of various composites, polymers, co-polymers and several types of alloys of steel and aluminum. Once our parts are painted and installed on your vehicle, it is very difficult upon initial inspection to distinguish them between original N.O.S. factory replacement parts. This is due to the incremental detailing of their appearance and close proximity of weight as compared to originals. Our parts are proven and many of them have been in service for over the past twenty-five years. These wing car parts are some of the best products available in today's market.

Quality winged car parts available to:

        Restore your museum winged warrior relic back to its original pristine condition.           

        Swap out with your original parts on your vehicle, if it is an occasional driver. This will allow you to store your priceless originals safely off the road.

        Build a quality replica car optioned or modified to your choice. Something that you can drive as a fun daily driver and not be afraid to get it out there for the general public to experience and enjoy; thus, increasing their awareness of these winged warriors.

Our top lines nose cone and wing average about $2,500.00. There are, however, many more components that are unique to these warriors than just a nose and wing. We custom build all of them. Enthusiasts who acquire our parts to restore their original relics always insist on our top line parts. We try to encourage enthusiasts who are building replicas to do it right and insist on the same. Build a replica that will do justice to the warrior's image!  Build something to be proud of and to enjoy for a lifetime!  We can build a cone and wing for as low as $1,200.00 that simply resembles the originals. This lower line of parts is not pushed. We can also build a cone and wing for about $6,000.00 that is literally bullet proof; however, you will find that our top line parts are very reasonably priced and more than sufficient for show or stock street use.                                                                                                                

Throughout most of our life, we have had an intense love for winged cars. You might even say it is more like an obsession. This is what drives us to make great repros. When you really like what you are doing it greatly shows in the quality of the product.  Building your components is considered an our art, not work. Quality work takes time and patience. Production will not be rushed and quality will not be sacrificed just to build a part fast and get it shipped out. We want your parts to look great when you first get them and to keep looking great for years after you paint them. Most of our products involve incremental detailing and substantial attention. Our family members are familiar with the systems and the processes involved which we use in manufacturing each component. By specializing in this one area quality assurance of your part is guaranteed.

It would be great to have the opportunity to speak with everyone about your cars and dreams. We are lost for words to describe how much we hope to be part of making your dreams become reality. It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Please enjoy the pictures as you click on the following pages of this site.